Snow melt controller protected

Snow melt controller protected Designed to control outdoor electric heating cables. The ETOP controller will withstand harsh weather conditions with no problems.

Weather resistant smart controller for Snow & Ice melt with remote control option.

  • Designed for easy installation and maintenance
  • Simple operation. Magnet activated controls, no need to remove cover
  • Low power consumption - Operates only when moisture detected
  • Compatible with the OJ Electronics outdoor sensors
  • Remote control option available
  • 3x30 Amp load capacity
  • NEMA4x / IP66 rated enclosure for outdoor installation capability
  • Withstands low temperatures

Weather resistant and weather based heating

The OJ Winterline® Protected Controller (ETOP) is designed for outdoor and indoor installation maintaining integrity level NEMA4x / IP 66. The controller will withstand temperatures down to -50°C / -58F.

OJ’s sensors ensure energy efficient operation by only triggering the ETOP system when moisture is detected.

Easy Installation

Mount the controller with four screws and then connect the cables. Define sensor use and afterrun time. Run the system test program. Be at ease. Quick setup and operation.

Easy Operation

Simply swipe the ETOP with a magnet to see the status. Not what you need? Then just swipe again. No need to remove the cover, read long instructions or even check on the system every day.

  • High weather integrity

  • High power out

  • Easy installation

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