WLM2 Sensors and Controllers (Discontinued)

WLM2 Sensors and Controllers  Hydronic Floor Heating provide true comfort and optimal energy efficiency

Precise and flexible room temperature control

Room sensors and room controllers for the OJ waterline™ system from OJ Electronics have been designed to ensure easy installation, high comfort, energy and cost efficient operation with a high level of flexibility. To ensure maximum installer flexibility all of our heating sensors are available in both hard wired and 868 MHz wireless versions.

The unique flexibility of the OJ design means that both hard wired and wireless sensors can be attached to the same system. This feature is also enhanced by the fact that all the wireless sensors share the same receiver – thus reducing cost and installer time.

  • PI controlled room temperatures for true comfort

  • Attachment of floor sensor for min. or max. limitation

  • Switch between automatic, manual setback temperature and frost protection (WLTD, WLTM models)

  • Wireless sensors use standard AAA batteries (2 year battery life), 28 day minimum alarm for battery replacement.

  • Safe low voltage connection, to all hard wired room sensors/controllers

  • Can be wired in a combination of ‘Star’ and/or ‘Daisy chain’ to suit the installation

  • Two or more sensors/controllers in large rooms for average temperature measuring

  • Surface wall mounting or to standard wall box.Energy saving comfort with adaptive function (early start) - ensuring comfort at the “right” time

  • Min. 20% heat in areas should the battery loose all charge

  • WLCT2, 4-event driven automatically setback temperatures

  • Flexible installation combining hard wired and wireless connection

  • Classic design

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