WLM2 Masters with BMS (Discontinued)

WLM2 Masters with BMS hydronic floor heating provide true comfort and optimal energy efficiency

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Special BMS versions of Masters are available to support the increasing need for BMS systems in commercial installations and the requirement for intelligent building management. The WLM2 with BMS incorporates an RS 485 Modbus® interface as the connection point for a Building Management System. See product sheet for product programme.

  • Read out status off all outputs like pumps, boiler, and actuators

  • Read & set all masters in a WLM2 network, any model, through the WLM2 network master

  • Read & set all individual room & floor limit temperatures

  • Read & set weather compensation values

  • Override functions to support testing

  • How to connect a 9-pol sub-D connector to the RJ14 in the OJ Air2 system?


  • Which pin is A and B in an RJ14 plug?


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