Complete temperature control for hydronic floor heating

hydronic floor heating provide true comfort and optimal energy efficiency

OJ Waterline™ Control system

The OJ Waterline™ system for hydronic floor heating and cooling systems is based on our many years of experience within the field. Here, you get industry-leading heating and cooling intelligence – and you can scale your solutions to suit everything from domestic installations to large commercial building installations. 

Compatible with any BMS set-up

Our Waterline™ Masters, room sensors and room controllers allow you to create a flexible system that is easy to install – and you can use this system to create wired or wireless set-ups as you wish. The OJ Waterline™ system supports any building management system (BMS) through the standard RTU MODBUS© interface

Remote access from anywhere

Through our gateway - OJ Floor Management System (FMS™) – the system can be accessed from anywhere.

Just connect the system to the internet, and it can be accessed through smart devices like tablets, smartphones and computers.  

Product range

WLM3 Masters

The heart of the system that ensures you the optimal intelligence to control both hydronic room heating and cooling. Very flexible, easy to install – and saves everyone money. 

WLM3 sensors and controllers

Available in wired, wireless, display and non-display variants to ensure maximum installer flexibility.

Floor Management System

The OJ FMS™ Gateway Module is a total user interface for flexible local and remote monitoring.

Wired and wireless communication

You can combine both hard-wired and wireless sensors with wireless or cable communication in the same system offering the perfect flexibility especially when expanding systems at a later time.

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Product Range

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