A wiring centre that makes installation simple and easy

Clock thermostat for electrical underfloor heating where optimum comfort temperature and minimum energy consumption are required.

EZC Microcenter 

The EZC microcenter is an electronic wiring centre suitable for connecting multiple room thermostats and electric actuators (thermosheads) in a hydronic underfloor heating system. They can be used with virtually all OJ thermostats to control up to eight rooms and the wiring centre includes a built-in power switch as well as outputs for pumps and boilers and input for night setback.

Easy to handle for all installers

The simplicity of this wiring centre appeals to many system designers and markets. For example, it is ideal for markets where installation staff are most comfortable with straightforward solutions: here, you get simple one-to-one (point-to-point?) cabling. Everything is basic, easy to install and makes perfect sense. The EZC wiring centre can be used with the majority of our thermostats. 

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