Ventilation Controllers 230V

Ventilation Controllers 230V The 230V Ventilation Controllers are typically used in building projects, such as blocks of  flats, where they control air exhausts.


The 230V ventilation controller with BMS, is named VCH 1212-P. This VCH variant is typically used in building projects, such as blocks of flats, where it control air exhausts. It is ideal for e.g. incorporating into rooftop fans and it matches the OJ-DV range of drives. The VCH allows for operation at different speeds, e.g. for night and override mode.

For the VCH-1212-P model, which is used in conjunction with the pressure transmitter of your choice, you can even get Modbus connectivity for optimum accuracy – and access to a range of BMS functions, including status readouts and alarms.

Simple setup

The ventilation controllers allow you to handle the entire set-up process via a user-friendly menu. Things couldn’t be simpler – and you get to choose between several options when setting the pressure range.

Meet Ecodesign regulations – save energy

The Ecodesign regulations impose strict requirements for energy-efficient equipment and applications, and the VCH ventilation controllers help you meet those demands. They ensure major energy savings by instantly adapting motor/system performance in response to pressure transmitter input: getting exactly the right pressure translates into system savings. Filter monitoring also helps conserve power: it ensures that dirty filters are replaced before pressure drops lead to excessive energy waste.

The 230V Ventilation Controllers are ideal for: 

  • Apartment block ventilation:
    The VCH unit controls any 10V motor to ensure constant air pressure in the ducts.

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