All-purpose temperature sensors

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Temperature sensors

The OJ range of electronic temperature sensors are used as signal emitters for electronic thermostats, regulators and thermometers. Many different versions are available, ensuring that you can get a temperature sensor for almost any application. For example, you can get sensors for installation in floors, on walls, in machinery, pipes, in tanks, watertight spaces or outdoor. 

Rapid response times 

Each of our temperature sensors (known as the EFT series) contains a resistance sensor element (NTC or PT 1000) enclosed in a housing of plastic or metal – and every EFT model has been designed to achieve the shortest possible response times. This is ensured by using resistance sensors that convert temperature into ohmic resistance. 

Choose between two different sensor elements

• NTC sensor elements are used for temperature ranges from -50° to 120°C. Here, rising temperatures reduce ohmic resistance. 

• PT 1000 sensor elements are used for temperature ranges from -50° to +165°C. With these sensors, rising temperatures increase ohmic resistance.

Combine with the housing you want

Either of these resistance sensors can be combined with different housings/fittings to match a wide variety of applications. Some of the combinations are universal temperature sensors, others are intended for quite specific temperature measuring situations. Explore our temperature sensor range in greater detail below. 

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