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OJ Drives®

Based on more than 50 years in the HVAC business, OJ Electronics has developed drives for the ventilation segment through three decades. Our combination of high product quality and extensive ventilation application know-how continues to bring innovative, dependable drives to discerning customers worldwide.

The OJ Drives® programme contains the DV and DRHX ranges, which allows you to find an OJ drive for virtually any ventilation application – including air handling units, livestock ventilation, chiller fans, rooftop fans, plug fans, box fans and rotary heat exchangers.

The OJ DV drives – built for fan applications

The acclaimed, highly reliable OJ DV drives comprise 13 output variants (from 0.5 to 15 kW) fitted inside five different housings to match any rooftop fan, plug fan, or AHU application.

The OJ DRHX drives – the new alternative for rotary heat exchangers

The OJ DRHX range is the next-generation drive for rotary heat exchangers. Based on all-new technology, these drives are more accurate, efficient and silent than ever. Available from 1Nm to 14Nm with Constant Speed, Modbus Control or Modbus & Analogue Control.

For easy installation and integration

OJ Drives® is an application-ready solution that can be installed and integrated to fit your exact requirements. No component or detail has been overlooked in creating these dedicated drives. Drives that are quick to install, simple to customise, easy to mount and work in any condition.

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