Accurate pressure transmitters for any application

Smart and simple Ventilation controllers and Pressure transmitters based on ModBus technology

OJ Air Pressure

The OJ Air Pressure range packs four decades of application know-how into smart, simple ventilation controllers and pressure transmitters to fit your specific application needs. This range has exactly what you need to monitor and control air flow and pressure. Anywhere at all. And with astounding accuracy.

Expanded range of pressure transmitters

OJ Electronics was the first to introduce the kind of advanced, easy-to-use and highly accurate pressure transmitters you will find in our PTH series. By popular demand we have expanded that range, creating variants that are ideally suited for a vast selection of applications. You can get pressure transmitters, ventilation controllers, pressure transmitters with relays and dual-input pressure transmitter from us.

Choose from pressure transmitters with:

• Analogue output

• Modbus output

• With or without displays

• With relays

• Dual input + Dual temperature input 

• Controllers – adjusting motor speed to maintain constant air pressure/flow

The entire range is a perfect match for the OJ Drives®OJ Air2 and OJ GreenZone™ product ranges. And for many other systems, too – ask us for details on how to integrate these pressure transmitters in your HVAC applications.

Modbus technology

Many products in the OJ Air Pressure programme are based on Modbus technology, making them very easy to install.

Energy savings

With these pressure transmitters and ventilation controllers you improve system performance: getting exactly the right pressure translates into system savings.

Reliable solution

OJ Electronics’ original PTH pressure transmitters set new standards for tried-and-tested accuracy and are used by quality-conscious clients around the world. 

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