Flexible extension IO modules

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The OJ Air2 EXT series

Our OJ Air2 EXT-series comprises two different extension modules for OJ Air2 ventilation systems operated by an OJ Air2 Master. Our extension IO modules are specially designed and optimised for ventilation systems and come equipped with both digital and analogue inputs and outputs, allowing you to design more complex and energy efficient ventilation systems.

These extension IO modules are particularly popular in large and complex ventilation systems.

• Specifically designed for ventilation systems

• Analogue and digital inputs and outputs

Simple installation with Modbus

The OJ-Air2 EXT modules are connected to your OJ-Air2Master with QuickPlug™ Modbus, eliminating the risk of time-consuming installation errors and troubleshooting. All control and monitoring signals in a section can be connected to the extension module so that the QuickPlug™ Modbus cable handles everything.

Where to place your extension IO module

Your OJ-Air2 EXT module should be installed on a 35 mm DIN rail in an enclosure that corresponds to the classification of the installation location. These extension IO modules are typically placed together with the OJ-Air2Master or in a DX cooling section. 

The OJ Air2 Ext is excellent for reducing cabling in client-specific systems because the module can be mounted very close to heating coils, cooling coils, dehumidification or humidification units. In compact units, t your OJ Air2 Ext module can be mounted in auxiliary sections that allow for automatic configuration.  

The OJ Air2 Ext 45 is ideal for many applications, including cooling sections. It gives you access to all the signals and functions you need to control and supervise up to four compressors. You can also use this unit for general expansions of your input and output options.

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