Air quality sensors that respond to VOC levels

VOC air quality sensor

Our VOC air quality sensors allow your air handling system to be demand controlled in accordance with the level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air. These air quality detectors monitor the air quality in ventilation ducts on the basis of its content of VOCs, which can come from many sources: people, furnishings, cleaning agents, building materials, etc. The air quality sensor transmits this information via Modbus to your chosen electronic controller (in e.g. PLC, BMS or SCADA systems), allowing it to respond accordingly.   

Converts VOC concentrations into CO2 equivalents

The VTH air quality sensors automatically convert VOC concentration levels into a CO2 equivalent, which means that you can easily use them instead of CO2 sensors. 

Compact design – flexible installation

Known as the VTH-62XX series, our air quality sensors are compact and easy to install. Choose between two different options: 

• Supplied with pre-fitted 7m Quick Plug Modbus cable

• With connecting box – attach the cable of your choice

The air quality sensors are compatible with our OJ Air2 control system for air handling units.

The VTH air quality sensors are ideal for:

• Demand controlled ventilation in air handling systems.

• Demand controlled ventilation in decentralised HVAC systems.

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