OJ-MRHX Stepper Motor

Silent control

The MRHX stepper motor is ideal for use with the DRHX drive. Together, they form a system designed especially for rotary heat exchangers.
The system enables accurate and silent control of rotary heat exchangers in ventilation systems.

Even torque

The MRHX stepper motor provides an even torque curve throughout the entire speed range from 1 to 400* rpm. The rotor can be accurately
controlled over a wide operating range, resulting in energy-optimised heat recovery and precise temperature control.
*8Nm motor only up to 250 rpm.

Direct drive

To achieve correct rotor speed, simply mount a suitable pulley on the shaft of the MRHX stepper motor. Energy loss is reduced due to the non-gear solution, which means that motor power is utilized to its maximum. This also helps prolong the life-span of the equipment and minimize service costs.

Hygroscopic applications

The OJ solution supports hygroscopic rotors that typically require a higher speed than traditional rotors. Depending on application and torque
requirement, you can either upgrade in motor size or select a larger pulley.

Product Features:

• 1Nm to 14Nm
• Sealing grade of IP 54
• Silent operation
• Three-phase supply

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