OJ AIR2-HMI-20T OJ-Air2-HMI-20T is a compact, graphic, touch control panel for the everyday user of central ventilation. The panel is compatible with an OJ-Air2 Master.

OJ-Air2-HMI-20T is a compact, graphic, touch control panel for the everyday user of central ventilation. The panel is used together with an OJ-Air2Master.

The touch control panel is ideal for adjusting the comfort level in kindergartens, workshops, sports centres, petrol stations and so on, where ventilation is provided by a central ventilation unit. It has been created in cooperation with UX designers and is designed for intuitive operation and fast QuickPlug™ installation.

Comfort for the everyday user

The colour touchscreen is easy and intuitive to use. Both the temperature and the air exchange can be adjusted, allowing the user to easily create a great indoor climate.

Energy-saving timer

If the user activates the timer to clean the air at a higher air exchange rate, the device will automatically return to energy-saving mode after one hour. By pressing the timer repeatedly, the duration of this period can be extended.

Simple installation

OJ Air2-HMI-20T is connected to the OJAir2Master with the QuickPlug™ Modbus connector, which ensures quick and correct installation. The control panel is ready to use as soon as it is connected.

  • OJ Air2 compatible

  • User-friendly

  • 2” colour touchscreen

  • Built-in temperature sensor

  • QuickPlug™ installation

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