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Fire/High Temperature Thermostat - Type EBST-5

EBST-5 is a series of fire and hightemperature alarms for protection against high temperatures caused by fire or the over-heating of electric heating coils. EBST-5 is a safe and reliable alarm system for both large and small heating and ventilation systems. EBST-5 has been successfully used in many large industrial installations. It is used to monitor electric heating coils in ventilation systems. It is also used for fire protection purposes in installations that are not protected by a central system or in which a decentralised redundant system is required, e.g. large centrally-monitored server rooms. EBST-5 is designed to provide our customers with an advantageous combination of high quality, reliability and low life-cycle costs.

  • Can be used in both large and small heating and ventilation systems and large industrial installations
  • Monitor electric heating coils
  • Can be sued for fire protection purposes










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