FanIO21 Direct Modbus

FanIO21 Direct Modbus The OJ Air2 Fan IO 21 is specially designed for mounting in the fan section in an air handling unit.

The OJ Air2 Fan IO 21 is specially designed for mounting in the fan section in an air handling unit.

All functions for controlling heating/cooling valves, dampers, fan, filter monitoring and temperature measurement are built-in.

With the OJ-Air2 Fan IO 21, all components are connected up with QuickPlug™ Modbus, including dampers and valves. The risk of installation errors is reduced significantly, and operating reliability is increased.

No valves that stick

The OJ-Air2Master monitors all Direct Modbus valves in the system and immediately triggers an alarm if a valve does not attain the desired position. The risk of overconsumption of heating and cooling is reduced, and operating disruptions can be handled efficiently.

No clogged dampers

All Direct Modbus dampers in the system are monitored, and the person responsible for operation can identify extremely quickly where service is needed. Is there a risk of snow in the ducts with ensuing moisture damage due to a defective discharge damper? Or does the energy consumption rise sharply due to a defective bypass damper in the counterflow heat exchanger?

Simple installation

The OJ-Air2FanIO21 is connected to the OJ-Air2Master with QuickPlug™ Modbus, eliminating time-consuming installation faults and troubleshooting. The built-in connectors are used both for Direct Modbus actuators and QuickPlug™ Modbus products from OJ Electronics.

  • Direct Modbus dampers

  • Direct Modbus valves

  • Two pressure measurements

  • Two temperature measurements

  • Controls one fan

  • QuickPlug™ installation

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