DIN Rail EFH Power controller

DIN Rail EFH Power controller When applying electrical heating to air in a ventilation system or to the soccer field of a Champions League stadium, it is important, that the requested temperature is maintained as accurately as possible with as small variations in the temperature as possible.

With the complete product range of power and step controllers from OJ Electronics, this requirement can be met, as easily, as a valve is installed to control a hydronic heating system. Best of all, this can be done maintaining the system durability, which today is a natural requirement in hydronic systems.

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Power Controller for DIN Rail Mounting
TYPE EFH-23 / EFH-40

EFH is a series of power controllers designed to control temperature via electric heating batteries in ventilation systems, electric radiators and electric underfloor heating systems. EFH is particularly suitable for mounting and is typically installed in an electrical panel or direct in the ventilation system heating battery control unit. EFH is designed to control room temperature or the ventilation supply air temperature. The setpoint can be set remotely, allowing users to adjust the temperature for optimum comfort.

With EFH, our customers receive the perfect combination of exceptional quality and accurate control.

  • Particularly suitable for mounting on electrical panels or directly into the ventilation system heating battery control unit
  • Setpoint can be set remotely
  • Galvanically separated control circuit

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