All-in-one Thermostat ETN4

All-in-one Thermostat ETN4 ETN4 is an "all in one" thermostat - For DIN Rail Mounting. Unique features, suitable for a wide range of applications.

The ETN4 completes the OJ Microline product range.

If you need a thermostat for floor heating control, sauna, frost protection of pipes or cooling applications, the ETN4-1999 gets the job done. An all-in-one thermostat with extented temperature control range, suitable for a wide range of applications. Easy to operate and programme.

The all-in-one thermostat is perfect for:

  • Electrical floor heating

  • Frost protection

  • Ice & Snow melting

  • Cooling

  • Extended temperature range
    -19.5° to +70°C.

  • Input for night setback and frost protection

  • Easy menu navigation and programming.

  • Includes new thin floor sensor -mounting sensor is more comfortable than ever

  • Now also with cooling application - invertible relay function and differential temperature

  • Optimum safety due to built-in 2 pole 16 Amp interrupter

  • Large backlit display

  • Installation – Length of sensor cable


    What is the maximum length of the sensor cable?


    In general, it is recommended that the maximum sensor cable length should be 164 feet/50 meters, the length might be shorter. Read the instructions for the precise maximum length.

  • How can I cure the E2 error message?


    "E2" means defective, damaged or disconnected floor sensor. Sensor resistance should be 10 or 12 kOhm at 25°C (77°F). The onstruction or quick guide holds informatiom for the specific thermostats.

  • Where to connect the ground wire of floor mats?


    The ground wire in the floor mat must be connected directly to the ground wire of the supply.

  • What is the recommended night setback?


    The recommended night setback is max 5°C/41°F



  • Does the adaptive function reset when making a factory reset?


    Yes the adaptive function is reset during a factory reset.



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