Complete wireless control of multiple floor heating thermostats

The OJ central control system for electric underfloor heating is based on wireless technology, you can control your underfloor heating from one place.

Wireless heating control system CS4

The OJ Microline® Comfort System4™ is a complete wireless heating system used to control heating electrical underfloor cables. Reflecting OJ Electronics’ years of experience, it is equally suitable for new construction projects, refurbishments and holiday homes. This multi-zone thermostat system consists of three different units that communicate via a 868 MHz wireless system

Saves time for installers 

The Central Controller can control up to 32 thermostats for electrical and hydronic underfloor heating. With this multi-zone thermostat system, everyone benefits: installers save valuable installation time due to the simple snap-mounting installation process and pre-installed schedules, and end-users get thermostats that are easy and intuitive to operate. Lower energy consumption using scheduling makes the entire system becomes more efficient. 

Wireless two-way communication
Suits most standard frames 

The system offers wireless two-way communication between units, an open-field range of 100 metres, and 4-event programme. One does also benefit from flexible design options: this stylish heating control system is a great match for many different manufacturers’ frames. 

Product range

Central Controller OCS4

The central controller thermostat controls the slaves units, offering  four built-in energy saving schedules for installers to pick from. This greatly reduces installation time while ensuring energy savings of 20% or more.   

Thermostat OSD4

Energy efficient all-in-one thermostat, ideal for all floor types. Very slim: depth of just 20 mm. The front cover matches most standard frames and snaps easily in place.

Panel Heater Controller OSA4

Combines night setback, frost protection and floor sensing thermostat mode in a single unit.

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Product Range

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