Thermostats for USA and Canada

Thermostat with Built-in GFCI. Maintaining perfect room temperature has never been easier. The OJ Microline® series is designed as a plug

Intuitive Thermostats with built-in Class A GFCI/15 mA EGFPD

At OJ Electronics, we offer a complete range of thermostats for the US and Canadian markets. The wide range has something to appeal to everyone – from pioneering systems with full Wi-Fi capabilities to very simple solutions that are perfect for traditionalists. 

A reliable partner

When you choose OJ Electronics, you get more than attractive designs – you also get reliability in every detail. In fact, we’re so confident about the quality of our products that we provide a 3-year retailer warranty for the entire OJ Microline® series. And you can trust our ability to deliver, too: we have distribution centres in Northern America, ensuring that you can get your thermostats delivered quickly to any site in the USA and Canada. Should you want your thermostats delivered to factories abroad, we’re there, too.

Easy installation, intuitive interface, UL approved

The OJ Microline® series is designed as a plug & play solution, simple to install and with an intuitive interface. With built-in class A GFCI or 15 mA EGFPD and double relays, the OJ Microline® intuitive thermostats meet even the strictest safety requirements for electric floor heating. With these UL approved thermostats you are protected against  ground faults in the floor heating system.

Great for energy savings

The intuitive OJ Microline® series controls floor heating system very efficiently, thereby saving energy for end-users. This makes them ideal for green/environmentally friendly brand positions.  

Explore our range below. And do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

*Industrial Design:

USA - Design Patent No. D768092

Canada - Design Patent No. 161353

Product range 

UWG4 and AWG4

UDG4 and ADG4

UTN4 and ATN4





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