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Simple ON/OFF Thermostats 

For some systems – and some customers – what you really want are simple ON/OFF thermostats. And of course OJ Electronics still offers exactly that. These ON/OFF thermostats have proven their worth for years, giving reliable service to those who want the most straightforward kind of control. Here, users know exactly what they get at all times: they simply set the desired temperature on the knob – and, depending on the model chosen, switch the heat on or off on the switch. Pure simplicity that many still appreciate.  

Fits many frames

Our simple ON/OFF thermostats can be mounted in many different types of frames and light switches, which makes system integration straightforward for you. 

Proven, trouble-free technology

Using traditional, proven technology has obvious benefits for system designers: you will get very, very low field return rates with this basic on/off thermostat. The solution makes immediate sense to installers and end users alike.

Product range

ON/OFF Thermostat OTN

With on/off switch and temperature setting function

ON/OFF Thermostat MTU2

With temperature setting function only

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Product Range

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