High-end programmable thermostats: the profitable choice for your business 

OJ Microline® 6-Event Clock Thermostats
Our premium range of programmable clock thermostats gives you thermostats that are very easy to programme, while your end users get energy savings and optimum comfort. This combination of comfort and energy savings is an excellent match for systems with a green/environmentally friendly brand position – and the OJ Microline clock thermostats will match even the strictest quality demands.

A quality product from an experienced manufacturer

When you choose clock thermostats from OJ Electronics, you can be sure of the quality of every product. They are made by experienced specialists in the field, based on tried and tested technology, so you’ll get no unpleasant surprises here. Incorporating this technology in your system makes great business sense – and of course these programmable clock thermostats will be reliably delivered to you exactly where and when you need it. 

6-event settings

Installing and operating our clock thermostats is very easy. A 6-event programme helps make the thermostat even more energy efficient, while the wheel-based animated navigation menu is intuitive to use for everyone. With these clock thermostats, installation becomes child’s play.

Pre set schedule saves installation time

The thermostat has a pre-programmed event schedule for easy and economic heating control.  The schedule fits most end-users, so installers won’t need to set up schedules from scratch every time.  This saves a great deal of time in the field, setting installers free to spend their time more profitably elsewhere.  

Clock Thermostat OCC4

Use this “all-in-one” programmable clock thermostat for electric underfloor heating control where you want to offer optimum comfort and minimum energy consumption. These slim clock thermostats have an installation depth of just 20 mm and come with many language options, making them ideal for multiple markets. 

Clock Thermostat OCD4

Has all the benefits of the OCC4 and comes with a built-in room sensor and floor limit sensor, making it ideal for renovation projects.     

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