Basic Clock Thermostat OCD3 (Discontinued)

Basic Clock Thermostat OCD3

4-event Clock Thermostat incl. 2 sensors

OCD3 has built-in clock function and is provided 4-event program for automatic temperature control. The thermostat is with adaptive function meaning the thermostat calculates when the heating has to be switched on to make sure that the comfort temperature is obtained at the required time.

All settings and the clock are maintained in case the thermostat is switched off on the built-in interrupter.

The OCD3 has a built in room sensor and is also delivered with a floor sensor which can be used for:
Max. temperature limitation: Protection of i.e. wooden floors
Min. temperature limitation: For better heating comfort e.g. always warm bathroom tiled floor.

  • On/off control up to 3,600W, 16A

  • Set only time and day at installation

  • Delivered with factory-set program

  • Inclined backlit display for better read-out

  • Flush mounting in a standard wall socket

  • Snap-mounting of front cover for easy installation

  • Built-in clock function for automatic comfort and setback temperature

  • With built-in 2-pole interrupter for convenient switching off at airing the room and at summer times

  • Adaptive control ensuring comfort temperature at the required time

  • With limitation sensor. For optimal comfort avoiding cold tiles during spring and autumn, or as protection against damaging wooden floors.


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